Vlad Siffleur

door aasgier


Finally, here are all the Occult Adventures of Vlad Siffleur in one PDF to download. Starring enigmatic occultist Vlad and his apprentice Mr. Bouvier and set in a sort of pseudo-Victorian London or Paris.

It started out as a joke, of course, and continued from there.

You might notice that, apart from mouth and eyes, the two gentlemen don’t move too much. Drawing the same figures over and over again was a bit too much too ask. (If only I had a monkey with some artistic talent, and the will to work of course). But they talk a lot, especially Vlad.
You will notice that I left our heroes in the middle of something. I had (and still have) a whole storyline laid out for them. But I started to feel that the things I was ridiculing weren’t really worth the effort anymore. Also, my own attitude to the subject matter changed (and changes still), so if I wanted Vlad’s teachings to stay consistent I would have had to start ‘faking it’.
And when the creative and the magical are combined (as they should be), faking it won’t do.
Besides, no one was reading it anyway.
But now, anyone can!