Ceremony of the Ascension

door aasgier

Some pictures of the Temple Music performance at the Ceremony of the Ascenscion festival that was organised by Peter Verwimp of Ashtoreth on the 6th of December 2012 in a church in Antwerp. By various synchronicities I had a hand in setting up this amazing evening as well. And it was a pleasure to screen the visuals I had made especially for the night, and to see how well everything worked together.
This is the kind of event I would like to see happen more in the future. Over 80 people gathered together, endured the cold, and passively or actively partook in a ceremony (which an artistic performance can and should be), reclaiming the sacred.
The musical line-up was Magdalena Solis, Temple Music, Sequences, Ashtoreth and TCH.

Ascension1 Ascension4 Ascension5 Ascension6 Ascension2 Ascension3